Adeleye Caleb

How Nigerians become Poor Everyday

Poverty is not the absence of money but the absence of love...

The same people who are too difficult to buy you a malaria drug will be easy to give money for your burial bill if you die by the same malaria.

Why do we always respond to people's tragedy than to what would become a blessing to them?

Neighbours only remember to bring you gift when you are hospitalized and still feel that they have done you a great favour.

There are lots of poor people with fat bank accounts. These class of people love their money than other people's happiness and life.

People still go to shrines to kill people who owe them #1000 naira but pay over #1000 naira to NEPA for staying in darkness for almost a month.

Poverty is a mindset than a pocket issue. Most people avoid driving through your street because they are avoiding to meet you when you need them.

We have gradually sold away our love and just trying out the same things we think the devil is termed evil for.

Paul Allen Ephraim