Adeleye Caleb

How Does Naitalk.com work?

Hello everyone, i have often been asked how Naitalk works. well its just as easy as eating pie.lol

1. first of all open an account by clicking on the "SIGNUP" button in case you don't have an account yet, please do not forget to activate your account by clicking on the activation link sent the email you used for registration. (in case you don't get it in your inbox, please check your spam-box).

2. Sign-in with the "SIGNIN" button then create a post but if you have no post to create you can leave a comment on other posts that catches your fancy, in doing so you are helping the community to grow and also helping your self.

3. Wait!! did i just say HELPING YOUR SELF !! yea its true. when you leave a good comment users will definitely like your comment and this will in turn generate cash for you. we pay N5naira per likes and it is paid at the end of the month!...isn't that COOOOOOOOL



5₦is tuu small.naw