How to (not) fill your profile on dating website

Another sentence I often see on profiles: “No one reads this anyway.”

It’s true that some people will never read through your profile , no matter what you do.

However, other people will read or not read through it depending on what you wrote.

There are two kinds of them:

The first kind is willing to read through your profile only if it is full of cliches and banalities.

The second kind is the opposite of the first one.

Today I’m going to help you what to not write on your profile in case you are interested in the latter group.

It might seem strict, but believe me, these sentences do block the reading of your profile.

1. “I don’t want to describe myself in few words. / It would be sad if my personality would fit into such a small box.”

Anyone who has been using the Internet for a while will notice that when they reach the bottom of the so-called textbox during typing, a scrollbar appears on its side. Strangely, the text will never run out of space. It’s like Marry Poppins’ Magic Bag. You would say: “Finally, this object will not fit into it, it’s too huge.” Then it does fit into it. It’s magic, you know.

You could type even the Crime and Punishment into such a box. Please don’t do it. And please don’t write that you can’t describe yourself in such a small place because people who would be interested in your personality would know that you didn’t even try. They would stop reading.

Sit down and describe yourself. I know you’ll succeed.

2. “My friends and my family are important to me.”

You can look up this fact in the dictionary.

Friend: 1. Noun. Meaning: someone important to you but not your family member.

Usually, it’s not a good idea to write down facts that can be found in the dictionaries as the person who is reading your profile is interested in you, and they hopefully know already what the word “friend” mean.

3. “If you are interested only in sex, skip my profile.”

Usually on women profile.

What’s wrong with this one?

It’s hard to tell in a funny way. I will be serious.

It’s counter-productive.

There are people who haven’t decided whether they look for a serious relationship or short-term dating. There are others who only look for long-term dating. And there are those who only look for sex.

The sentence above would keep away the people who look for long-term dating.


Because they would think that the person has either problem with sex, or it’s the opposite: she had too many one-night-stands, so she has to write down that she would stop it because she can’t imagine other solution to do so.

People who look for long-term dating wouldn’t be interested in either case.

The rest would be curious to find out which one is the right answer. The statement would even attract those who only look for one night stands.

It’s possible that neither of these two reasons is true for you and you just wanted to write it down. Still, it’s not working.

Should you look for a long-term relationship, which intention of yours I support with my heart, don’t write down that you are not interested in one night stands. Write down what’s interesting and important to you and about you. Focus on a meaningful conversation when you exchange messages. This is the most efficient way to keep away the short-term daters. This is also what makes people looking for a long-term relationship be interested in you.