Do you have a car? Always do this in the morning before moving it at

Hello Everyone,

It’s so sad to see people work hard to gather funds to buy a car and start using it in such a way that will eventually get the car terribly damaged.

You see most people hop into their car, start the Engine and move off Immediately 😞 Nothing damage a Car Engine & Gear faster than this.

It’s like waking up in the morning from bed and you are off to work without cleaning yourself up or exercising your vain, brain, eyes and everything, you won’t perform well.

At least, let your car warm up for 5 Minutes in the morning before moving it at all, this will allow the Engine and Gear fluid/oil circulate properly before putting them to work.

For Me – I put on my Car before taking my bath, I let it warm up and before am done, the car sound would have cool down and the sound will be as cool as anything (This means the car is properly warm).

This is the best way to keep your car in top shape and to reduce the number of times/funds you will spend for the Mechanic.

You all should pay attention to this henceforth.

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Thanks, I will soon buy mine.


Good one