Awodiji Dorcas

Agriculture the way of developing Nigeria or entrepreneur

A bird at hand, they say, is far better than tens of bird in the bush. The God that established humanity set the first man as a gardener because that was the best thing to set his hands unto, not entrepreneur! To keep the garden, milk the cow, harvest the fruits and keep nature in its raw beauty. Entrepreneur was always to come as secondary!

The one major problem Nigeria is facing is *majoring on the minor* and *minoring on the major*. We neglect agriculture and everyone wants to be a master of his own in entrepreneurship. Imagine planting a cup of maize and reaping a hectare-full of it. Burying a seed of mango in the earth and annually harvesting tens of mangoes. No risks involved. Isn't this beautiful? But Nigerians don't want to do this. We want something more "decent". ☹ The more reason why our president had to call us " lazy".

Overtime, research has proven that most developed countries generally base on agriculture for generation of revenue. In China agriculture contribute $944614.5 to their GDP due to the fact that 54.8% of their land is given to agriculture
In USA agriculture contributes $195091.96 to their GDP and 44.7% area of land is given for agricultural cultivation, in Australia the agricultural sector contributes $57767.55 and over 60% of its landmass is under agriculture which makes it a leader in wheat, barley, vegetables, fruits and a top economy in dairy products.

The agricultural sector is vital for human existence through the production of basic things every citizen needs which includes food, shelter from lumber, clothing from wool, hides and skin.

What has entrepreneurship done for us? Well, everyone makes money, in fact, plenty of money. But, sadly, to buy few things. And this money they make will sure be used to buy food. And because only few people are still into farming, we only have plenty of money to buy few things available and as such the prices of food skyrocket leaving our country in the cold, fateful hands of inflation. Imagine if we concentrate on agriculture and there is surplus food to buy, we would surely need little money to buy surplus things. And, come to think of it, wouldn't it be beautiful if a cup of rice sells for #5 and a bag of garri sells for #50. But no! The cold money entrepreneurship gives us has made the prices run into thousands. 🤦🏾‍♂ And because we have neglected the major thing and want to build on a shaky ground, all in the name of entrepreneurship, how would we progress? The Bible we read even gives a commentary saying: "If the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do?" And in this case we could say, *"If agriculture be neglected, how shall being an entrepreneur help us?"*

Basically entrepreneurers need raw materials for production and these raw materials are gotten from agricultural products.

Nigeria is a land flowing with milk and honey. The milk from the precious udders of our fat animals, the honey from our robust bees. The land of flawless and inarguable fertility. The land with the golden sunshine and fresh breeze. The land with the incomparable black rich soil. But we have neglected the beauty of what God gave us. We have rubbed the glory of agriculture in the mire and we have stretched our long, covetous and insatiable necks to peep into the hole of hypocritical entrepreneurship. ☹ And we cannot but suffer the consequences. 🤙🏾

Now, Nigeria is no longer the same giant of Africa we knew and we have lost our pride because we neglected what we have. 😢

*PLEASE BRING BACK THE GLORY OF AGRICULTURE!* Entrepreneurship can always come later.
Thank you.